The Future of Innovation is Now: Aeroponics Farming

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Technological advancements are almost paving in every sector, including farming. National Aeronautical and Space Administration invented aeroponics in vertical farming to grow plants in space. The same concept was brought out in the farming sector because this technique requires nearly 90% less water as compared to conventional methods.

Growers who use the aeroponics technology are not just innovative; they are solving many economic and social issues restricting from growing. The maximum efficiencies of aeroponics technology mean that we can grow more food with less effort, and further can offer food accessibility to more people.

The future of agriculture is unfolding in Newark and is expected to set up a new standard in agricultural production. The world biggest aeroponics farm in the world is under construction, with 6400m2 of cultivated spaces without soil. The infrastructure is developed by AeroFarms and is fueled by photovoltaic panels, which is estimated to produce over two million kg of vegetables per year. Furthermore, in 2018, the UAE received its first vertical aeroponics farm from Indoor Farms of America, an America vertical farming industry. The farm is in Dubai and is set to open for business in upcoming years.

The major attributes responsible for the demand for aeroponics technology include the rise in popularity of organic foods, limited arable land for agriculture, and high initial investments to acquire the technology. The rise in popularity of disease-free environment in agriculture is also impacting the market growth. North America region shows the prominent growth due to an increase in urban population and technological advancements replacing traditional farming.

Adoption of Intelligent Techniques in Aeroponic System:

The adoption of intelligent techniques in aeroponic systems could reduce the concept of the usefulness of the system due to complicated manually monitoring and controlling process. In recent years, intelligent sensor techniques have achieved significant consideration in agriculture. It is applied in agriculture to plan several activities and missions properly by utilizing limited resources with minor human interference. Currently, plant cultivation using new agriculture methods is extremely popular among the growers. Recently aeroponic systems are developed with a wireless sensor and actuator network for monitoring the key parameters at lower labour cost, time, and without any technical knowledge.

The continuous requirement of food demands rapid improvement and development in the food production system. To improve the quality and productivity of the cultivated crop, people are moving towards the modern plant civilization technologies in agriculture like aeroponics which is popular, among others.

Growing Cannabis with Aeroponics:

Growing great cannabis has always been about consistency or removing variables that can lead to fluctuating crop quality. Aeroponics offers the most controlled growing environment possible by growing cannabis plants in air or environments filled with mist. In this way, aeroponics is like the well-known growing method hydroponics, but instead of being submerged in water, the roots are continuously sprayed with a nutrient-rich mist solution.


Future of Aeroponics Technology:

Artificial intelligence (AI) agriculture techniques are considered as a high potential, improving technique for decision-making in agriculture. Moreover, until now, most of the studies had been designed the aeroponic system using a wireless sensor network using ZigBee and Arduino system with Bluetooth, a global system of mobile and Wi-Fi, and communication modules. The techniques provide many advantages to the user, such as reduction of the initial cost, allocation of the resources on-demand, and maintenance and upgrade performed in the back end, easy, and rapid development. The techniques present a chance to the operator to stay connected with the system using mobile accessories like a smartphone, tablet, and PCs at any location via the Internet which is not restricted by conditions, locations, and time.

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