New Discovery Reveals How Packaging Trends Leading the Tobacco Packaging Industry in Future:

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The tobacco packaging industry has witnessed a significant growth rate over the past few years, and an ample number of emerging trends are estimated to have a huge impact on the tobacco packaging industry across the world. Generally, plain packaging of tobacco products and increased graphic warnings may contribute to the lower attractiveness of smoking, particularly among youths. Innovations in product and packaging design have become increasingly important to the tobacco industry.

The packaging industry has a massive scope of innovation, which vendors can capitalize on to introduce attractive packages to attract more buyers. Packaging, when done right, appeals to a larger consumer base and drives the market. Packaging companies are expanding their business and technology to satisfy the upcoming and innovative needs of tobacco product manufacturers. To this end, tobacco manufacturers are spending on R&D for the development of alternate products and their packaging.

According to Cigarette Packaging Health Warning, more than 118 countries have adopted pictorial health warnings in which 9 have confirmed to implement plain packaging. According to WHO, plain packaging can effectively reduce the promotional effect and the attractiveness of tobacco products, boost up the effectiveness of the health warnings, and motivate smokers to quit.

China, Brazil, India, U.S., Turkey, and South Korea are the leading tobacco manufacturing countries due to rapid economic expansion. In 2016, China was a top producer with a production of about 2.8 million metric tons of tobacco. The factor driving the market in countries such as China and India are the growing population and increase in the population of youth in these countries. Brazil and Zimbabwe are the countries whose economies are currently dependent on tobacco production. Thus, the rising demand for tobacco products drives the tobacco packaging market. Moreover, the e-cigarette market has grown highly since e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking tobacco. Most of the world’s cigarettes are consumed in the Western Pacific region.

Major Driving Forces Behind the Tobacco Packaging Market:

  • Increasing demand for cigarettes
  • Growing population coupled with increased stress and workload.
  • Innovation is the key for tobacco packaging companies & tobacco manufacturers.

Key Packaging Strategies That Aimed to Target Consumers:


Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Energy Efficiency:

Sustainable packaging offers the same functional aspects as regular packaging but attempts to reduce any environmental impact. Sustainable packaging is created using ecologically safe methods; this means that during the production process, no toxic substances are created. Afterwards, the packaging itself can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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