Is your business being ready for AI Adoption?

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a burning issue, and there is rapid growth in the market. But the reality is that AI adoption is still low for the businesses. However, the level of adoption is at a turning point; investment in AI has tripled, and the recent technical innovations promise to create AI not just an inherent technology capability, but a fundamental business tool. Within the next five years, there will be an exponential increase in the number of commercial AI-based applications. Following are the major three technological innovations for enterprises


To gain a more competitive advantage, many organizations are building up their own AI models, and it is becoming apparent that they are experiencing AI as functionality that gets embedded within a packaged application. In future, every packaged application will probably make extensive use of embedded machine learning capabilities to automate processes. Also, AI gets embedded in enterprise infrastructure for intelligence and self-management. Self-configurable, self-healing, and self-optimizing infrastructure will prevent issues before they occur, help improve performance proactively and optimize available resources.


AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) empowers business analysts and developers to develop machine learning models that can solve complicated situations without going through the typical process of training machine learning models. AutoML fits perfectly between AI APIs (Application Programming Interface) and AI software platforms. It provides the correct amount of customization without forcing developers to go through the elaborate workflow. Additionally, AutoML considerably changes the traditional training machine learning model workflow behind the scenes and supports a scalable implementation without the need for DevOps deep machine learning understanding.


The cloud is one of the least expensive ways to host AI development and production. Cloud service providers (cloud SPs) have comprehensive portfolios of development tools and pre-trained profound neural networks for voice, text, image, and translation processing. Much of this work stems from their internal development of AI for in-house applications, so it is robust. Cloud services make building AI applications seem enticingly easy. Since most businesses are struggling to discover the correct abilities for AI project employees, this is very appealing.

Enterprise organizations are exploring how to deploy AI applications across their businesses. These companies expect their AI investment to go beyond enhancing productivity and cutting expenses. They see AI as a route to expand earnings and income, generate better client experiences, enhance decision-making, and innovate products this year and beyond. Multiple key elements need to come together for AI success include data, talent mix, domain knowledge, key decisions, external partnerships, and scalable infrastructure.

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